Its not a law, is it? Mike Graham in row with Justice Minister over face mask rules

Mike Graham grills Chris Philp on face mask policy

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TalkRADIO host Mike Graham grilled Justice Minister Chris Philip over the current laws governing whether someone on public transport must wear a face mask or not. The UK Government has lifted a string of coronavirus-related measures today under a general easing of lockdown rules. However, the issue of mask-wearing was furiously debated by the radio host and the Conservative Minister.

Mr Philip told talkRADIO: “In the case of Transport for London, they do have the right obviously to make the rules about what you do and don’t do on the Underground.

“Transport for London have said they think we should wear masks on the tube so… because I believe in the rule of law and all the rest of it…”

“But it is not a law!” blasted Graham.

“I am asking you as the Justice Minister it is not a law, is it?”

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Mr Philip replied: “I think Transport for London are entitled to specify conditions about, you know, if people using their trains should do this or do that.

“So I think they are entitled…”

Gramham jumped in again, pressing: “But what is the legal position?

“I am interested in this pure and simple for myself and for other people who don’t wish to any longer wear a mask since it is no longer a legal requirement.

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“Why would we be concerned about not being allowed to use the train?”

“Well, I would imagine that they don’t have a power of arrest obviously only police have a power of arrest,” argued Mr Philip.

“But I do imagine they have the power to deny entry to the tube system if somebody doesn’t comply with their various rules and regulations.

“Like for example if somebody is drinking when they shouldn’t be.”

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“But equally, you can have an exemption because you feel anxious,” probed the host.

“You can have an exemption if you have a particular reason not to wear it,” replied Mr Philip.

“But Mike I have got to say speaking personally as a Londoner who uses the train and the tube every day.

“I actually don’t have a problem myself complying with it because for me it is not an inconvenience, it might help other people.”

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