Ive had enough of it! Neil Oliver blasts cancel culture Stop apologising for Britain!

GB News: Neil Oliver in epic cancel culture rant

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Neil Oliver has rounded on woke activists for condemning Britain’s heritage and history in an epic on-air rant on GB News viewers. The Scottish TV presenter argued the time has come to “stop apologising for Britain and for being British.”

Mr Oliver told GB News: It’s time to stop apologising for Britain and for being British. 

“For years the message being pushed most fervently is that Britain is bad to the bone – toxic to use the modern parlance. Incessant has been the apparent determination to run Britain down, always to name Britain as the villain with the longest charge sheet in the world.

“Our history read back to us like a litany of wrongdoing at home and around the world. Our heritage is condemned as too anachronistic and inappropriate; so too our culture.

“More and more we are expected to hear that we are born with a version of original sin – that we are tainted by association with our predecessors – those individuals with the seeming misfortune to have lived and died at other times when ideas about right and wrong other than those in the 21st Century prevailed.

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“There can we do doubt that the object of the exercise is to leave those who love Britain demoralised, self-doubting and ashamed.

“Recently we spoke on this show about a bid to take down a statue of David Livingston outside Glasgow Cathedral this was on account of him having worked aged 10 in a mill using cotton harvested by slaves. David Livingston gave his life trying to better the lives of those in Africa – he was a pioneer who recognised the dignity of the human spirit.

“That the rubbish of our past has come for a man like Livingston is as clear a sign of the inquity of those who would tell us nothing good came from Britian.

“Personally I have had more than enough of that message.”

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He continued: “I am a Scot, but a British Scot. I have said this many times and I will keep on saying it.

“Because it is the whole of Britain that I love most dearly of all.

“It is all one place to me, united and made whole by a history that is deep beyond the reach of memory.

“Long before there was an England, or a Scotland, or a Wales there was a long island called Britain, or at least a name that sounded a lot like Britain.”

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The GB News presenter added: “Few places have histories longer than ours, histories as rich and complex.

“This has been a consequence of how much our predecessors achieved. Few nations even attempted to reach so far around the world. British history is long and convoluted on account of how much was accomplished. There is no denying the dynamism of Britain and the British.

“That those who went before us did so much to shape the modern world means our history is, inevitably, riven with good and with bad – with achievements and with mistakes.

“So much has been done in our name. And there has, let us not forget, long been a substantial and necessary body of opinion heartily and enthusiastically criticising our own past behaviour. This has been appropriate, but it is worth pointing out that we were rightly critical of ourselves long before the present campaign to tear the old place down in its entirety.”

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