Labours David Lammy locks horns with Tory Lucy Frazer over NHS claim

Fiona Bruce polls Question Time audience on general election

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Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy fumed at Levelling Up Minister Lucy Frazer after the Tory MP claimed her Conservative Government had built 40 new hospitals, branding it “nonsense”. Question Time host Fiona Bruce and Talk TV presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer also questioned the claim.

Ms Frazer had begun by arguing that the Government had committed to fund diagnostic centres.

She said: “There are many ways of treating people.

“So, we have committed money to diagnostic centres.

“We’ve got 40 new hospitals.”

In response, Ms Hartley Brewer raged at the South East Cambridgeshire MP’s comments.

She said: “It’s a load of nonsense.”

Ms Frazer then appeared to defend her claim.

She said: “There are so many different ways.

“There is a commitment to 40.”

A bemused Fiona Bruce interjected pointing out “we don’t have 40”.

At this point, Mr Lammy erupted arguing that the claim was “nonsense” and even claimed that cuts to local authority budgets had caused the social care crisis.

He said: “This is just nonsense there are no 40 new hospitals and you cannot cut local authority budgets by over 40 percent and expect people not to get out of hospital.

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“They’ve got nowhere to go that’s why we’ve got a social care crisis.”

However Ms Frazer hit back claiming that the Government had invested “significant funds” into the NHS and is doing the same with social care.

She said: “You can get really angry David about it David but we’re investing significant funds into social care.

“But of course the population is getting older.

“People need and can receive more support and they are getting that.

“We recognise, absolutely recognise that there are issues.

“Absolutely recognise there are backlogs and we’re committed to dealing with it.

“But I’m not going to pretend there are easy answers to these very difficult questions.”

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