Liz Truss vowed to crackdown on anti-social behaviour

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The Foreign Secretary said most people have experienced some form of unpleasant abuse or conduct on public transport or where they live.

During a visit alongside former party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith to a youth centre in Dagenham, east London, she said the commitment for police forces to “get back to basics and spend their time making streets safer” will improve people’s quality of life.

She said: “I want this to be a country of opportunity where people can get on in life and we need people to feel safe on our streets, to be able to they go to work, set up businesses, enjoy themselves and antisocial behaviour is a blight on that.”

Ms Truss said she sees in her constituency surgery people whose lives have been ruined by difficult neighbours or targeted harassment.

“That is what the police are there to sort out, but we can also help by building a better society and that’s why institutions like this use end so important,” she said.

Ms Truss said she would deliver on the Conservative manifesto commitment to recruit 20,000 additional police officers, and would ensure they focus on frontline policing and not be “overly burdened by form filling”.

She added: “People across Britain want to feel safe on their streets. They want to know that criminals are being locked up and crime is being prevented. They want a government that takes action on tackling anti-social behaviour which we know will also help improve young people’s life chances.”

“I’ll deliver on our commitment to have 20,000 more police officers. More importantly, I’ll make sure our police forces get back to basics and spend their time making streets safer.”

“People can trust me to keep our streets safe, make our communities better, and deliver what I say I will.”

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