Lord Adonis urges step-by-step scheme to drag UK back into EU

Lord Adonis says that UK should rejoin the single market

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Lord Adonis has urged remainers to look at a “step by step” scheme to drag the UK back into the EU and “undo Brexit”. He called for remainers to be “proud” of their mission to rejoin the EU. Speaking to a European movement event, entitled “Battle for the Soul of our Country”, the pro-EU politician questioned: “What’s the great unmentionable word in British politics and how we undo it? Brexit!”

Calling for the audience to chant along with him, Lord Adonis jeered: “Come on you can do better than that!”, to which they responded: “Brexit!”

The Labour peer continued: “The big question for us in the European Movement is step by step how we move towards rejoin.

“That’s another great word we don’t hear often – rejoin! And we should be proud of it!”

Speaking at the same event, Sir Vince Cable, Former Secretary of State for Business and Leader of the Liberal Democrats, described Brexit as an “unforced error”, adding that the UK is “now in a very bad place as a country, economically and psychologically”.

The politician claimed the UK is “pretending” not to be a European country.

He explained: “We’ve had four big shocks in the last decade and a half. We had the financial crisis, we’ve had the pandemic and now the energy shock from the Ukraine war. And Brexit, which was the unforced error that the country made.

“The consequences – we’re in a very bad place as a country – economically and psychologically.

“I just feel in a sense that the country is rather lost. We’ve got no obvious way forward.”

Sir Vince added: “We’re not belonging to any major group of countries at the time when the world economy is sort of fragmented.

“We are a European country but trying to pretend not to be, and the one really positive thing that has happened in recent months – that’s standing behind Ukraine, which I think reflects credit to the Government – was a European project.

“We’re lost psychologically and economically, so getting out of it is going to be difficult.”

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While some remainers have campaigned for a return to the European Union, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has made a point of accepting the referendum result.

He previously told the BBC: “We have exited the EU and we are not going back – let me be very clear… about that. There is no case for rejoining.

“What I want to see now is not just Brexit done in the sense that we’re technically out of the EU, I want to make it work.

“I want to make sure we take advantage of the opportunities and we have a clear plan for Brexit.”

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