Never a Brexiteer! Britons furious as Leave voter U-turns and demands UK join EU army

Brexit voter calls for second referendum and move to the Euro

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Simon from Southampton joined LBC’s Cross Questions and waded in on the Brexit debate before revealing he regretted voting leave in 2016. He explained he was not informed enough to make a smart choice at the time and argues the referendum was “stolen” from him and many others.

Simon went one step further and revealed he has reformed his views, now arguing the UK should go ahead with another referendum to go back into the EU and wanted to see the UK adopt the Euro and even join an EU army.

However, Britons have hit back at his claims saying the Brexit voter was “never a Brexiteer”.

One reader said: “I can solve all of his problems… Go and live in the EU.”

Someone else echoed: “Simon should go & live in an EU country & take all the anti-Brit snowflakes with him for company!”

A third person simply said: “He was never a Brexiteer.”

Another commented: “You can absolutely say this man was never a Brexit voter….never.

“He does not have the components and is just saying it to add strength to his statement.

“What a chancer… we are not falling for it.”

A fifth person wrote: “No one stole anything from anyone.

“No one forced anyone to put their X in any box.

“We made our choice based on our beliefs.

“It is done. We have left. Move on.”

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Another reader said: “Good grief are Remoaners still bleating on?

“It’s a veritable river of salty tears this morning.”

Someone else said: “We knew what we voted for.

“This guy is plain lying to go that far.

“I mean he is more pro-EU than most Remainers are!”

During his interview with LBC, Simon told host Iain Dale how there should be a second referendum and claimed the vote was based on “lies and misinformation”.

Mr Dale pointed out his vote was not “stolen” if Simon did not choose to make a decision based off evidence and research.

Simon retorted: “Exactly, so this whole thing has happened based on lies and misinformation and that can’t be right, that cannot be right.

“So, for the time being let’s go back to the Single Market, Customs Union and free movement of people.

“Absolutely, because then at least we get to benefit from going and living in the EU as well as them coming here.

“But ideally, a second referendum, and let’s rejoin… let’s have the Euro, let’s have a EU army!”

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