Nicola Sturgeon should NOT be given IndyRef2 – Already had a referendum, thats it!

Nicola Sturgeon grilled by Jon Kay on legality of referendum

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Earlier this week Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon outlined her Government’s “route map” to a legal referendum. She addressed the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday, June 28 — just two weeks after launching her renewed campaign — to explain how she intends to hold IndyRef2 on October 19, 2023.

It comes less than a decade after the first 2014 referendum where Scots voted 55 percent to 45 percent to remain in the UK.

To hold a second vote, Holyrood needs to be granted the legal powers by Westminster under section 30 of the Scotland Act.

This was granted in the previous referendum but the UK Government has since repeatedly stated that “now is not the time” for a second referendum due to the cost of living crisis, recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, and war in Ukraine.

Ms Sturgeon has urged Westminster to “respect, not rubbish” her request, claiming that independence would “restore basic democracy in Scotland”. 

She has written to the supreme court asking it to rule on the legality of holding a new referendum without Westminster’s permission.

Ms Sturgeon could look to ask Scots a different question to straight independence as before in order for her referendum to be approved.

As a result, asked readers whether they thought a second referendum should be held to end the independence debate.

In a poll that ran from 10am on Tuesday, June 28, to midday on Thursday, June 30, asked: “Should Nicola Sturgeon be allowed IndyRef2 so Scotland can move on?”

Overall, 3,839 people cast their votes with the vast majority, 85 percent (3,278 people) answering “no”, Ms Sturgeon should not be allowed IndyRef2.

Meanwhile, 14 percent (551 people) said “yes”, Ms Sturgeon should be given IndyRef2 to allow Scotland to move on.

In addition, just 10 people said they did not know either way.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on a second Scottish independence referendum.

Many readers were against it, with one reader, username MissingEUAlready2 writing: “They had their referendum. That’s it.”

Another, username Scottish Taxpayer, said: “We have had our referendum on that, and we said NO!”

Username UKscotsguy wrote: “No, Sturgeon should respect the legally held gold standard referendum that was held less than a decade ago. End of.”

And username UKscotsguy said: “They had one under a decade ago that was decisively in favour of the United Kingdom. 

“It was an extremely nasty and divisive period leading up to it and there should be zero chance of it happening again for at least another 20 years or more.”


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However, other readers said Ms Sturgeon should be granted her IndyRef2 ballot.

Username ILOVEUK2 said: “Let Sturgeon do what she wants, give Scotland independence if that is what they want.”

Some thought that the referendum should be opened up to the UK with England being given a say on the matter too.

Username villaman0711 said: “Of course they should have another vote, but this time, please let every English person vote.”

Username Oscar77 said: “Yes, but as with the Brexit referendum the whole of the UK should be able to vote.”

And username Surin paul wrote: “Yes, but let the English have a vote.”

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