Nicola Sturgeons SNP savaged for failure to reform backwards NHS Had 13 years!

Scotland has 'worst deaths in western world' says Tory MSP

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Craig Hoy, the Scottish Conservatives’ shadow Health Minister, told that the blame for the ongoing health crisis in Scotland’s NHS, which has seen record A&E waiting times and ambulances being driven by the Army, lies “solely” with Nicola Sturgeon. Mr Hoy cited the First Minister’s legacy as both health secretary and now leader of Scotland for the ongoing issues patients seeking NHS support have been grappling with.

During a spectacular takedown of Ms Sturgeon, Mr Hoy drew on three catastrophic areas which the SNP leader has presided over that have spurred some of the worst health statistics in the world.

He said how the first of these was cutting the drug rehabilitation and drug service in Scotland.

Mr Hoy explained as a result of this, Scotland “now have record drug deaths, the worst drug deaths in the western world here in Scotland”.

He slammed how ironically, some of the worst ins Scotland alone include Ms Sturgeon’s constituency.

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He went on, noting how under Ms Sturgeon as Health Secretary there was a reduction in the number of the GP workforce and the number of student nurses.

The Scottish Tory slammed how all of these cuts have happened under the SNP government who have reigned for 13 years.

To make matters worse, he stated how despite the SNP now having sufficient resources and more money flowing into the Scottish NHS “than ever before” the outcomes in many respects have gone “significantly backwards.”

He claimed blame for the crisis ”lies solely with Nicola Sturgeon as health secretary and now as First Minister” as the reality of her leadership in both realms are realised amid a spiralling crisis.

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Mr Hoy added how “any attempts” to try and blame covid, local government or Westminster “simply will not wash” anymore with the public.

He said this is because they are now seeing the SNP have been running these services through devolution for well over a decade.

He slammed: “And on all key indicators, things have gone backwards!”

The comments come as just 71.5 percent of people visiting A&E in the week to September 12 were seen within four hours, a drop from the previous week’s figure of 74.6 percent, according to NHS Scotland figures.

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According to the latest data, 1,895 people out of the 27,354 (6.9 percent) who went to emergency departments in Scotland in the week of September 12 waited more than eight hours to be seen. 551 (two percent) waited more than 12 hours.

The Scottish Government has a target of 95 percent of patients to be seen within four hours.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government told The Scotsman: “Our NHS staff have faced unprecedented pressures over recent weeks as they work tirelessly and consistently to respond to the pandemic…

“Whilst continuing to provide vital treatment and optimal patient care. We are in daily contact with every board and are monitoring the situation closely.”

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