Nigel Farage predicts Labour wont rejoin EU but issues gloomy Brexit warning

Nigel Farage warns of Brexit in name only

Nigel Farage has issued a gloomy warning that Britain is set to end up with Brexit in name only.

The GB News presenter said it would be a “disaster” for a Labour government to rejoin the EU.

But the former Brexit Party leader warned Sir Keir Starmer’s party would look to realign the UK with the bloc’s rules.

Mr Farage added that Britain will “finish up with a genuine Brexit in name only”.

Asked during an appearance on GB News if Labour would reverse Brexit, he said: “Yes partly I think is the truth of that.

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“I think for Labour to try and reverse the constitutional position that we now find ourselves in would simply be madness and would be a disaster for them.

“But realigning us with single market rules, realigning us with every new piece of legislation that comes from Brussels, well that I think they will do.

“And it’s been made very easy for them because the Conservative Party have done absolutely nothing to get rid of those thousands of regulations, to get us to diverge and become competitive.

“So really re-signing up to the single market has been made incredibly easy for them.

“And what you’re seeing here is a complete failure of the entirety of our political class to carry out the result of the Brexit referendum.

“I don’t think we’re going to rejoin, I think that would be absolute madness, but we’ll finish up with a genuine BRINO, Brexit in name only.

“And in economic terms, in competitive terms, we’ll ask ourselves what on earth was it all for.”

Mr Farage’s comments come after Labour frontbencher David Lammy doubled down on a pledge to prioritise the EU in a speech at an event organised by the anti-Brexit campaign group Best for Britain.

Speaking at the Trade Unlocked Conference in Birmingham, the shadow foreign secretary said: “Last week the Conservative Party press office attacked me for saying that improving our relationship with the EU will be a priority of the next Labour government.

“I have no qualms about repeating this. Reconnecting Britain must start by reconnecting with our European neighbours.

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“Because the EU are our biggest trading partners. And our allies as we face war on our continent.

“If you do not think Britain’s relationship with Europe is of fundamental importance to our future, you are living in a fantasy.”

Mr Lammy, a strident Remainer, insisted a Labour government would be “focussed on what is pragmatic”.

He said: “Turning the page on the era of acrimony that this government has overseen, which has seen trust undermined, cooperation stall and our economy damaged.

“We will seize our opportunity to improve our trade deal with the EU in 2025, when it comes up for review.

“We will go through the trade deal, page by page seeking ways to remove barriers and improve opportunities for business.”

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