Nigel Farages scathing three-word tirade at Dominic Cummings

Nigel Farage gave his first reaction to Dominic Cummings’ evidence at the Covid inquiry today, accusing the former top advisor of playing a blame game.

Mr Farage described Mr Cummings as “scruffy, vindictive and vitriolic – but that’s Dominic Cummings”.

Mr Cummings gave multiple hours-worth of evidence to the official Covid inquiry in London this afternoon, speaking after a similarly lengthy evidence session with Boris Johnson’s former communications chief Lee Cain.

The GB News host said the day had been “pretty astonishing”, and presented Boris Johnson as a flip-flopper on key issues.

He described Mr Cummings’ evidence as demonstrating a mindset that “the whole world are morons apart from him”.

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Mr Farage said Lee Cain had been “politer” about their former boss, but even he had said “the Prime Minister used to oscillate”.

“One minute he was pursuing the Jaws strategy – ‘keep the beaches open’ – the next minute it was ‘keep the beaches shut’.”

With Boris Johnson set to join GB News as its new star presenter, Mr Farage said the inquiry had provided a new glimpse of the former Prime Minister.

“What I get from all of this is that… every instinct in Boris is saying ‘let’s do what the Swedes are doing, let’s not lockdown’.

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“What this shows me, all the way through, is something different about Boris Johnson: he wants to do what he believes is the right thing, then gets talked out of it.

“It was interesting that Lee Cain said Boris himself had said he wasn’t the right leader for this crisis.”

Mr Farage reserved praise from Hugo Keith KC, who he said “knows what he’s doing”.

Interviewed on GB News, Dr Bharat Pankhania, a senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School, said the inquiry may “rumble on” too long to prove effective.

“With respect to learning unfortunately we have a propensity to have history repeating itself.

“An inquiry that takes so many years and then the key people have left, moved on etc, dilutes the effect of the inquiry.

“For an inquiry to be really good, really effective, lessons learned, it ought to be shorter in time period.”

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