Penny Mordaunt backed by readers to be new PM – ‘Need a Brexiteer!’

Former Secretary reveals how Boris Johnson could make comeback

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Boris Johnson stepped down from his position as Tory Party leader following a wave of ministerial resignations in reaction to his conduct as Prime Minister. Conservative MPs are now putting themselves forward in a bid to succeed Mr Johnson, and readers have weighed in on who they want to be the next Prime Minister.

In a poll that ran from 10am on Thursday, July 7, to 2pm on Friday, July 8, asked: “Who do you want to see as the new PM?”

A total of 13,859 readers cast their votes with Penny Mordaunt coming out as the most popular candidate, gaining 26 percent (3,569 people) of the vote.

The next most popular candidates were Defence Secretary Ben Wallace with 20 percent (2,726 people) and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss with 15 percent (2,061 people). 

This was followed by Steve Baker in fourth, with 11 percent (1,541 people). 

In addition, newly appointed Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi, Michael Gove and Priti Patel each received one percent of the vote.

A further eight percent (1,138 people) answered “other”.


Hundreds of readers shared their thoughts on who they wanted to succeed Mr Johnson as Prime Minister in the comments below the accompanying article. 

A majority of readers were in agreement that the new Prime Minister needed to be a Brexiteer. 

One reader, username Hayden1944 said: “Absolutely essential Boris’ replacement must be a totally committed Brexiteer.”

Username BROX77 wrote: “A Brexiter is needed to finish the job.”

Another reader, username Kentish man, said: “Whoever it is going to be it must be someone who believes in what the democratic vote of the British people voted for Brexit.” 

While username WHAT? Said: “Simple, a rock-solid Brexit supporter who will not sell this country out to the unelected EU bureaucracy.” 

And username Lizard stomper said: “Anyone who won’t take us back into the EU and give away our sovereignty and independence again.” 

Ms Mordaunt was the most popular candidate and some readers shared their reasons for backing her.

Meanwhile, username davindo91 said: “Penny Mordaunt is a staunch Brexiteer who both campaigned and voted for Brexit.  

“She is therefore, the only possible ‘untainted’ candidate who has any chance of winning the next General Election by holding on to the Red Wall seats. 

Username ramundo said: “Not many of the chosen lot voted out in the EU referendum. Penny Mordaunt voted out and is a 100 percent Leave.” 

A YouGov poll of 716 members conducted this week placed Mr Wallace just ahead of Ms Mordaunt. 


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However, some readers were not backing any candidate, instead wanting Mr Johnson to carry on his premiership. 

Username dorothy78 said: “Leave Boris there at Number 10, he’s the only one for the job.” 

Username whodafoxhat wrote: “Boris was the one for me.”

And username wat uwant said: “Getting rid of Boris is a decision the Tory’s will come to regret.” 

A timescale for the Tory leadership race is expected to be confirmed next week with a new Prime Minister in position by September.

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