People are looking to you! Andrew Marr skewers Sharma as he exposes COP26 loophole

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Andrew Marr pointed out the Cambo oil field development could be used as a “loophole” by other countries to renege on pledges to do more to tackle the climate emergency. The oil field has emerged as a serious headache for the British Government as Boris Johnson weighs in on whether to greenlight new oil drilling. The BBC presenter challenged Mr Sharma on whether going ahead with the project could set a bad example as the UK seeks to win over partners with its green agenda.

Mr Marr said: “People are looking to you to set an example. Now, the chair of the Climate Change Committee, Lord Deben, says of the oil field one you do that, once you allow that to go ahead, ‘you set an example that will be quoted throughout the world as showing such a development is acceptable.’

“And yet you’re not prepared to stop it.”

Mr Sharma said: “That’s not my decision, that’s not my role.”

But the BBC presenter pointed out: “It’s your Government’s decision.”

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The COP26 chief responded: “As I said to you, when a decision is made, I’m very happy to come back and have a discussion.

“Since you mentioned the Committee on Climate Change, they’ve also said that the net-zero strategy that we have produced is a landmark strategy globally and it’s one I think other countries will look at and take heed of.”

Mr Marr however persisted, hitting back: “And if I were a country looking for a way out, a loophole, I’d say ‘look at Cambo, they’re not even prepared to stop that’.”

Mr Sharma said: “Well, shall we wait and see what the decision is?”

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