POLL: Should Boris Johnson pay his own Partygate legal fees?

Boris Johnson erupts at 'complete nonsense' in Partygate grilling

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing calls by MPs to pay his £245,000 Partygate legal fees rather than letting the taxpayer foot the bill.  

Labour MP Karl Turner has said it is “inappropriate” for taxpayers to fund the cost, urging the House of Commons to intervene.

The MP for Kingston upon Hull East has tabled an early day motion highlighting Mr Johnson’s earnings since his premiership ended last September and that members of the public are not automatically entitled to legal aid if they earn over £12,475.

The motion reads that it is “unacceptable that taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill, not least given that the Rt hon. Member has earned a reported £5 million since he stepped down as Prime Minister”.

The legal fees are being used by Mr Johnson’s defence as part of the Privileges Committee’s probe into the Partygate scandal, looking at whether Mr Johnson deliberately misled Parliament. Mr Johnson denies the allegations.


Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner said: “This murky arrangement that left taxpayers’ picking up the bill for Boris Johnson’s Partygate defence fund is not only without precedent but without justification.

“With working families facing a cost-of-living crisis, it beggars’ belief that they should have been left writing a blank cheque for these legal retainers as the ex-Prime Minister further enriches himself.”

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