POLL: Should Sunak call general election sooner than autumn 2024?

Jeremy Hunt won't commit to tax cuts before next election

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly planning on calling a general election in autumn 2024, as he believes that a later vote will bring the best chance of a shock victory. But do you think he should send Britain to the polls sooner? Vote in our poll.

October and November have been provisionally marked by Downing Street for the next election, according to reports by The Telegraph. 

Sources believe that a later vote will maximise Mr Sunak’s chances by allowing time for the economy to improve and new laws regarding small boat crossings to be passed.

The date would mean Mr Sunak would have been in office for two years. It is understood that he and his aides have rejected plans for an election next spring due to the size of the “political repair job” ahead of them.

The Times reports that the Prime Minister is planning to cut taxes and increase the national living wage before the next general election.


One ally told the publication: “Once he has started delivering and the economy has improved he’ll need to start differentiating himself.” They added that fiscal events in spring next year mean that claims of a  May election are “wide of the mark”.

The approach of waiting almost as long as possible was also adopted by Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2010. Mr Brown performed better than expected despite leaving office after the Tories and Liberal Democrats struck a coalition deal.

The Conservative Party is currently an average of 18 points behind Labour in the polls, down from 24 when Mr Sunak’s premiership began in October.

A firm decision on the date will reportedly not take place until nearer the time. The latest a general election can be held is January 2025.

So what do YOU think? Should Mr Sunak call a general election sooner than next autumn? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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