Queen Angela Rayner snubbed Boris in PMQs as he launched Labour takedown

Angela Rayner waves across the chamber at Tory front bench

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The deputy leader of the Labour Party could be seen waving across the chamber towards the Conservative front bench at Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions. Angela Rayner and Thangam Debbonaire both made the wordless rebuttal towards Boris Johnson after he attempted to put down Labour.

In this week’s PMQs, Mr Johnson gave an impassioned speech about the Conservative’s efforts during the pandemic.

He said: “When the history of this pandemic comes to be written, and the history of the Labour Party comes to be written – and believe me, they are history and will remain history, Mr Speaker – it will show that we delivered while they dithered.

“And we vaccinated while they vacillated.”

His speech was made with calls of agreement from his own party but was met with what can be perceived as a snub from Labour.

The camera flashed to Angela Rayner who could be seen slowly waving goodbye to the Prime Minister from the Opposition benches.

Dr Lillian Glass internationally renowned body language expert described her wave as “Queen-like”.

She also claims that the Prime Minister was “taken aback” by her action and that Mr Johnson was forced to turn away from the Deputy Labour leader in order to “regain his composure”.

She told Express.co.uk: “Angela gave a constant Queen-like wave while glaring at Boris the entire time without blinking.

“He was taken aback as he stammered it will show it will show and pointed his finger in anger while looking directly at her and then he turns his head away from her to the side to regain his composure.”

Many took to social media to comment on the gesture claiming Ms Rayner waving was a “very subtle” snub of the PM.

Kevin Maguire, the Daily Mirror’s associate editor wrote: “Angela Rayner waving goodbye to Johnson when a PM on death row claims the Labour Party is history”.

Jessica Parker Brussels Correspondent for BBC News wrote: “Labour deputy leader @AngelaRayner among those giving Boris Johnson what appears to be a wave goodbye”.

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While a user called Roger Mcstravick wrote “Loved your little wave. Polite but very effective”.

Another, Rosa added, “dedicate a fan club Angela Rayner’s wave”.

Will Clark added his approval to the mix and called the gesture “passive-aggressive”, while a user called ‘Sir Seaside’ claimed the gesture summed up the feelings of “Red wall MPs and the British public”.

This week’s session was especially tense following calls from many Tory backbenchers to remove the PM from office amid the ongoing alleged No.10 parties scandal.

Sir Keir Starmer made a reference to the “suitcase full of wine” No.10 staff allegedly filled up in a local Co-op ahead of a Downing Street party which also delighted many on social media.

When referencing the allegations, he said: “I know it’s not going well, Prime Minister, but look on the bright side – at least the staff at No.10 know how to pack a suitcase.”

This came as Labour storms ahead of the Conservatives in the latest polls.

A new survey by Redfield and Wilton Strategies claims the Tories are at 13 points behind the Opposition at the moment.

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