Rayner squirms as Tories closing gap on Labour Why has Starmer failed to cut through?

Labour has 'made significant progress' says Angela Rayner

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Angela Rayner, Labour’s Deputy Leader struggles as she was pressed on her leader’s failure to fully capitalise on the backland faced by Boris Johnson over lockdown gatherings in Downing Street. Sir Keir Starmer has had enjoyed a polling boost in the wake of the revelations of partying at Number 10 but recent data suggest the gap between Labour and the Conservative could be narrowing once again.

TalkRADIO’s political editor Peter Cardwell asked Labour’s Deputy Leader: “Labour are ahead in the polls, but in the last few days, there has been one poll anyway and polls come and go as we know, that put the Conservatives actually getting three points and closing that gap.

“Why is it do you think that Kier Starmer has failed to cut through and people don’t seem to see him as an alternative Prime Minister, even when you have the current prime minister, who by any old estimation has been on the ropes in the last few months?

Ms Rayner replied: “Well, if you look at where we were at the general election and how significantly we lost us, the Labour Party we had a very long way to go and I recognise that we continue to have a long way to go to earn that respect back from many voters who felt frustrated. 

“In fact, some of them think we’re to blame for Boris Johnson being in power because we didn’t offer them an alternative that they could vote for.”

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She continued: “We have to accept that and if you look at the distance that we’ve travelled in that time, we have made significant progress.

“‘ve been on the doors in constituencies and it’s very clear that people are very angry, not just about the fact that you know, these policies happen but the Boris Johnson thinks he could just get away with it, when they followed the rules.

“A Conservative MP in the house today says he didn’t go to the Wake when someone had died in his family. He said, Prime Minister, do you think I was a fool?

“And I think that speaks to a lot of people who at the time thinks, Well, I followed the rules and you were laughing at us and you know, getting drunk in number 10. It’s not that simple behaviour. Just finally, Kier Starmer, was packed

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On Tuesday morning Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the Prime Minister has made those who followed coronavirus rules feel like mugs.

Sir Keir told BBC Breakfast: “What the last few weeks have caused for so many people is a sort of reliving of some of the dark moments. There has been has been anger, there’s been grief and there’s been guilt.

“I’ve spoken to so many people who say to me ‘look Keir, I felt guilty that I followed the rules because I should have done this for my dad and I didn’t, I should have done that for my elderly parent and I didn’t because I followed the rules – and now I feel like a mug because the Prime Minister broke the rules and he’s pretending that he didn’t’.

“I think that emotion is very important. One of the things I tried to get across yesterday is that members of the public who obey the rules shouldn’t feel guilt. They should feel pride at knowing that what they did saved the lives of people that they will probably never meet.”


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Earlier the Labour Labour had told MPs: “By routinely breaking the rules he set, the Prime Minister took us all for fools, he held people’s sacrifice in contempt, he showed himself unfit for office.

“His desperate denials since he was exposed have only made matters worse. Rather than come clean, every step of the way he’s insulted the public’s intelligence.

“And now he’s finally fallen back on his usual excuse: it’s everybody’s fault but his. They go, he stays. Even now he is hiding behind a police investigation into criminality in his home and his office.

“He gleefully treats what should be a mark of shame as a welcome shield. But Prime Minister, the British public aren’t fools, they never believed a word of it, they think the Prime Minister should do the decent thing and resign.”

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