Rees-Mogg savages ‘incompetent’ Sadiq Khan in brutal attack: ‘What you get with socialism’

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Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg attacked London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a brutal rant in the House of Commons on Thursday. Mr Rees-Mogg argued his failures in office were a  result of him being left-wing. He insisted Mr Khan’s failures were a result of his political decision making during his time in office.

Mr Mogg said: “The record is something we must set very straight.

“That is the Mayor for London is incompetent and he has run Transport for London (TfL) hopelessly.

“That is simply what you get when you have socialists in Government.

“The London transport network has been run very poorly.”

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Mr Rees-Mogg announced why he believed Sadiq Khan had not run TfL well as Mayor.

He continued: “TfL’s finances are in a bad state because of a political refusal to increase any ticket fees over four years.

“Anyone that thinks TfL is any good would just need to look at Hammersmith bridge which remains unrepaired.

“It has inconvenienced tens of thousands of people and causing great inconvenience without TfL managing to lift a finger.

“They are saying they will do seven feet a month or something as it is going to take them so long to do it.

“Crossrail continues to be delayed, it is an extraordinary record of failure.

“It is a record of failure that should be put straight and we should have a Conservative mayor next year and then it will be broad sunlit uplands.”

Mr Khan has repeatedly been attacked for his record as London Mayor, most notably by Conservative Party rival Shaun Bailey.

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Mr Bailey posted a video to his Twitter saying: “London’s problems run even deeper than the coronavirus.

“Crime is out of control, since 2016 knife crime is up 60 percent.

“Burglary is up 31 percent and we’ve had an eleven-year high in homicides.

“Transport is worse and somehow more expensive and Londoners are being forced out of London because they cannot afford a home.”

Sadiq Khan and his office were contacted for comment. 

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