Republicans plot revenge impeachment of Biden if they win election

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Joe Biden could face a similar fate to Donald Trump if the Democrats lose the midterm elections with a move by the Republicans to impeach him according to Washington DC insiders. Excluive polling for reveals that public opinion on Biden is at a low point and the Republicans could win a healthy majority in November. Already, Republican members of the House have laid down a marker with the President with a motion to impeach tabled last year and it looks set to be pursued again in 2023.

Moves to impeach President Biden will be based on “abuse of power” allegations and alleged links to bribery.

This would include the activities of his son Hunter where press coverage was controversially removed from Twitter and Facebook during the US Presidential election in 2020.

The younger Biden has been under federal investigation over potential violations of tax and money laundering laws since 2018 and some reports have claimed that the FBI has enough evidence to press charges.

It also seems likely pro-Trump Republicans will push for an investigation into whether the 2020 election was fixed with claims that the Democrats cheated still being propagated by the former President’s supporters.

In addition it is likely Republicans will demand a full investigation into the Covid lockdown and handling of the pandemic particularly the conduct of Chief Medical Advisor to the President Anthony Fauci, a long term target of Republican attacks.

There are also question marks about the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home in Florida over whether it was politically motivated.

One former Republican who served George W. Bush said: “The Trump supporters are mad and angry enough to do it.”

Another senior Republican, who served Donald Trump, suggested to that Trump supporters in Congress may demand that the current Republican minority leader in Congress could be forced to agree to backing the proceedings as a price for votes to be House Speaker replacing Nancy Pelosi.

He said: “There is a question mark over whether McCarthy would get the votes especially if it a small majority. You need a straight majority in the House and he will get zero Democrats.

“In theory anyone could be elected as Speaker they do not need to be in Congress so there are some Republicans who would vote for somebody else like Donald Trump.”

In a video interview (above) Patrick Basham, Director of the Democracy Institute in Washington DC, sees impeachment proceedings as likely.

Mr Basham said: “If the Republicans do well enough in the House and have a good enough majority I think there is a pretty good chance that some time in 2023 they will seek to impeach Biden.

“It will be all part of a number investigations which will take place – how the covid pandemic was dealt with, the Hunter Biden issue, a lot of unearthing about the FBI, a lot of whistle blowers.

“They would be probably successful in the House, the equivalent of an indictment. But then it goes to the Senate as Trump’s did for the actual trial and attempt to convict and there even if the Republicans do win a majority in the Senate it will be a small majority so it will be virtually impossible to convict him.”

He added that the proceedings would be “largely symbolic and an attempt by the REpublicans to make a number of points about his presidency.”


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The problems around the Biden administration have undermined the chances of the Democrats from holding the House of Representatives and the Senate.

According to the monthly US tracker by the Democracy Institute for the Republicans are expected to comfortably win the House of Representatives in Congress with a lead of 48 percent to 44 percent.

This, according to projections would leave them with a majority of 65 with 250 seats to 185.

Meanwhile, 62 percent do not think Biden will be reelected, 56 percent were rather he was removed from the White House than Putin lost power, and 55 percent thought Trump was a better President.

In another question 55 percent think that Biden’s administration is incompetent while 40 percent compared it to a “clown car” compared to 8 percent a Ferrari.

The polling was carried out 27 to 29 September wih 1,500 US voters who declared they were “likely to vote”.

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