Richard Tice warns Boris about selling Brexit Britain out to EU – ‘We’ll come after you!’

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Former Brexit Party MEP Richard Tice warned Boris Johnson of caving to the EU at the last minute. While speaking to Jonathan Saxty on Brexit Watch, Mr Tice said the Brexit Party would come after the Prime Minister if he sold Britons out to get a deal with the bloc. He highlighted the importance of not buckling on fishing rights and state aid.

Mr Tice said: “Am I concerned about where we are going? So far so good in fairness.

“Getting Brexit done is the foundation stone of this Government and they have done everything they said they would.

“Everybody has got huge confidence in Lord Frost and if anyone deserves a peerage it is him.

“Lord Frost is doing a good job so far.”

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Despite his happiness at the current work from the UK Brexit negotiating team, Mr Tice highlighted areas he was sceptical on regarding the final agreement.

He said: “We have all got to be alert to the risk that the Tories do what they have done before, talk a good game and sell us out at the end.

“People are on the watch and the lookout.

“I don’t think that will happen, I could be wrong but I would be cross if I was wrong.”

Mr Tice insisted the Brexit Party would continue to hold the Government to account on their Brexit promises.

He said: “We will make a big song and dance about it if they sell us out at the end.

“The Government should not be surprised if we come after them if they sell us out.

“Especially if they sell us out on crucial things like fishing and state aid.”

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Richard Tice closed by explaining that he was still confident a deal would be agreed on time.

He said: “It is always at the last minute that these kinds of deals are done.

“I have always said that I think there would be some kind of partial deal done, and I still think that is the most likely route.”

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