Right thing to do! Jeremy Corbyn sides with Nicola Sturgeon over plan to hold IndyRef2

SNP 'would be terrified' of independent Scotland says Waiton

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Mr Corbyn’s support comes as the UK Government has submitted its case to the Supreme Court outlining its arguments against Scotland holding a second referendum without the Government’s consent. In July, Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain QC showed the Supreme Court an impending referendum bill to establish if the Scottish Parliament have the powers to submit it.

Scottish parliament’s draft bill was published in late June and would legislate for a referendum on October 19 next year.

A spokesperson from the UK Government said: “People across Scotland want both their governments to be working together on the issues that matter to them and their families, not talking about another independence referendum.

“We have today submitted our written case to the Supreme Court, in accordance with its timetable.

“On the question of legislative competence, the UK Government’s clear view remains that a bill legislating for a referendum on independence would be outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament.”

The former Labour leader has now contributed to the discussion by backing the First Minister’s plan for a second referendum.

Mr Corbyn spoke at an event which was part of the Edinburgh Fringe on Tuesday where he said it is “not right” that Westminster can tell Scotland that it “cannot have a choice”.

The ex-Leader of the Opposition added that IndyRef2 is “absolutely the right thing to do”.

The Islington North MP was interviewed by journalist Graham Spiers from The Times at the event which was entitled: ‘In Conversation with Jeremy Corbyn’.

Corbyn told Mr Spiers: “If the people of Scotland, the Scottish parliament demand a referendum, then that’s absolutely the right thing to do.

“I don’t think it’s right for the Westminster government to say no, you cannot have a choice.

“You have to have a choice. You have got to do it with your eyes open.”

He continued: “What’s the economic option that’s on offer? What’s the relationship that could be and would a federal settlement work better?”

Following the talk, Mr Corbyn was approached for further comment on the issue which he refused to give.

However, the former Labour leader has received praise from the Scottish National Party for his comments during the interview.

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In their praise for the former Labour leader, the SNP called Corbyn’s successor Sir Keir Starmer “increasingly Tory-leaning”.

However, Labour’s Deputy leader Angela Rayner also attended the Fringe this week and said, “I think breaking up the union is not the answer”.

She added: “Leaving us to perpetual Conservatism at Westminster is not very nice…but actually having a Labour government could make all the difference.

“Scotland is absolutely key, it’s key to Manchester, it’s key to the whole of the United Kingdom.

“I’m against us going anywhere near a second referendum if I’m honest.

“I think the Brexit referendum was enough for me.”

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