Secretly see eye to eye! Boris Johnson leaves conference howling after Alex Salmond quip

Boris Johnson makes Alex Salmond quip as he backs Sturgeon

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Boris Johnson appeared before attendees at the Tory party conference in Scotland where he reaffirmed the party’s commitment to opposing Scottish independence and to unify his party. Mr Johnson discussed several joint ventures Scotland and the rest of the UK were working on, including a space programme. But the Prime Minister ridiculed former First Minister Alex Salmond as he delivered a sly dig about his appearance on state-sponsored Russia Today.

Speaking at the Aberdeen event, Mr Johnson listed off several projects that Scotland was working on.

He said: “And I’m glad that we’re working with the Scottish administration to create at least two new freeports. Other applications are invited.

“They will be super fertilised sea beds for new high wage, high skilled jobs. We will strengthen the vision of the UK as the science superpower of Europe.”

Mr Johnson said he saw a computer that was able to “hold two positions at once” and joked it was like the SNP on NATO.

He continued: “The international barley hub in Dundee helping to bridge global food shortages by protecting crops against pests.

“To the burgeoning Scottish space sector in Ayrshire and Shetland and the spaceport in Caithness.

“And after his great success on Russia today, perhaps we should invite Alex Salmond to join his fellow cosmonauts in orbit. Wouldn’t it be a splendid thing to do.

“I have a feeling that might be one of the issues on which Nicola Sturgeon and I secretly see eye to eye.”

Boris Johnson: This is not the time to have another referendum

The hall laughed and cheered at the quip as Mr Johnson pushed on with his speech.

Mr Salmond was criticised after working with Russia Today in light of the Ukraine invasion.

Despite their differences, the Prime Minister mentioned the work of Douglas Ross and praised him for his anti-independence campaigning.

Mr Johnson also praised his electoral success after he secured more votes than his predecessor.

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Later on, Mr Johnson said it would be the wrong time to have an independence referendum in light of Ukraine and coming out of the pandemic.

He also condemned the SNP campaign to rid the UK of nukes, also due to Ukraine.

At the conference, Brexit minister Jacob Rees-Mogg branded the Partygate scandal as “fluff” as the Ukraine conflict resets perspective.

He said at a ConservativeHome event: “All of that is shown up for the disproportionate fluff of politics that it was, rather than something of fundamental seriousness about the safety of the world and about the established global order…

“This, I think, resets politics in a fundamental way. Because we are now thinking – and Covid was part of this too – how do we deal with the difficult choices that have to be made…

“When we look back in 36 years at Partygate, people will think what were they on about? Why were they doing that when they were passing from COVID and dealing with that to Russia and Ukraine…

“And yet they were distracted by whether or not the Prime Minister spent five minutes in his own garden, or 25 minutes or whatever it is… But you see, one quickly can’t remember the precise amounts of times because it is fundamentally trivial.”

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