Singapore GE: 2.65 million S'poreans eligible to vote in next election, updated voter rolls open for online inspection

SINGAPORE – Singapore’s revised voter rolls have been certified and are open for public inspection, the Elections Department (ELD) said in a media statement on Wednesday (April 15)

There are a total of 2,653,942 electors, and eligible voters can check their particulars in the Registers of Electors electronically – through the Elections Department website and the SingPass Mobile app.

This is about 59,000 more people than the 2,594,740 electors when the registers were last revised in April 2019.

Singaporeans whose names were removed from the registers for failing to vote at a previous election can apply to have their names restored, the ELD added.

They are encouraged to apply early so their names can be restored in time for the coming election.

The ELD will not be able to add their names into the registers during the period from the date the writ for an election is issued until after Nomination Day if the election is not contested, or until after Polling Day if there is a vote.

Citizens abroad who have resided in Singapore for at least 30 days between March 1, 2017 and February this year can also apply as overseas electors at designated overseas polling stations to vote in the coming election.

Re-registration is required for overseas voters with each revision of the registers.

Under the law, registers must be revised not later than three years after the last general election. 

The Prime Minister then calls for revisions from time to time.   

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