SNP’s Ian Blackford humiliated as crucial flaw in independent Scotland plan unveiled

Blackford issued warning over Scotland ‘lagging behind’

The SNP leader in the House of Commons was grilled on whether he saw any positives to Scotland remaining in the UK. Mr Blackford said he could not find one, adding the nation would be doing much better in their vaccination programme if they were not “held back” by Westminister. However, Channel 4’s Cathy Newman pointed out that Scotland’s vaccination program would be seriously affected if they were independent as they would be unable to automatically enrol on the UK’s rollout. 

The Channel 4 host quizzed the Scottish MP about vaccines and said: “Let’s talk about purely about the vaccines then for a minute if you had your way you’d be part of the EU.

“You’d be part of their program, you’d be lagging behind the rest of the UK in vaccines if you were an independent Scotland and part of the EU?”

Mr Blackford replied: “Cathy, I would simply say that for all of us this is a global pandemic, I’m a citizen of Scotland, I’m European, I’m a global citizen and we have to work together.

“And to try and argue somehow that the UK stands alone and has been able to deal with this in a way that other people haven’t, that’s a ridiculous argument for Boris Johnson that anyone else can take.” 

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Ms Newman then pointed out: “You’re talking about working together, you could work with the Union on your doorstep instead of joining a Union across the sea.”

The politician added: “One of the things that was mentioned earlier in your piece with your interview with Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister meeting with the First Minister and I asked the Prime Minister just yesterday questions about financial support.

“We’re willing to do that, we’re willing to work with the UK government.

“Of course it’s right when we’re dealing with the pandemic (to do) as appropriate as we do so but there has to be respect in that process and that’s been missing for too many occasions.”

Nicola Sturgeon branded a ‘tartan Trump’ by commentator

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently visited Scotland and met with laboratories who were processing Covid tests. 

The decision to visit was slammed by the SNP who believed the move was irresponsible due to the pandemic. 

The Prime Minister hoped the visit would highlight the united effort across the UK against coronavirus. 

Michael Gove defended his visit and said: “The Prime Minister has a responsibility and a role to make sure the vaccine roll-out is proceeding appropriately.”


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Recent polls revealed a Scottish majority support a referendum. 

A Sunday Times survey showed 52 percent of Scots wanted another referendum on independence – roughly the same percentage as those who voted for Brexit in 2016. 

In light of the news, Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP would push ahead with a referendum without the approval of Westminster. 

According to the Scotland Act 1998, Scotland can not vote on matters relating to the unity of the Union without the approval of Westminster. 

If a referendum went ahead, it would be classed as illegal. 

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