So depressed Remainers in meltdown as Keir Starmer tells Marr he will make Brexit work

Keir Starmer states Labour must 'make Brexit work'

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The Labour leader told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that he wanted to “make Brexit work” and under no circumstances rejoin the European Union. This pledge set off a frenzy of upset Remainers online, with many people voicing disappointment in Sir Keir. He was previously seen as a major supporter of a second referendum and a prominent anti-Brexit politician.

Many responded to the new three-word Brexit slogan by stating that “making Brexit work is impossible” and “Brexit will never work”.

Siobhan Benita, a former London Mayor candidate, tweeted: “And with that, my last vestige of hope in Keir Starmer dies.”

@implausibleblog posted: “Labour’s policy towards the EU seems to be the same as the Conservative policy towards the EU.”

@Quemerford echoed this: “Make Brexit work? Why is he & Labour not screaming from the rooftops about the disastrous & ideological Brexit that has screwed the country?”

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Former Green MEP Molly Scott Cato tweeted: “So depressed to hear Keir Starmer adopting the slogan ‘make Brexit work’.

“Following along after the Tories with their disastrous anti-European policy and their absurd three-word slogans. The exact opposite of the Opposition we need.”

@jude5456 said: “Put country first and denounce Brexit. Making Brexit work is impossible and you know it.”

@ali4bs added: “Has Keir Starmer just signed his own resignation letter?” 

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In his lengthy interview on the BBC, the Labour leader ruled out rejoining the EU or “ripping up” the current deal.

Instead, he pushed for “sensible adjustments” to be made to improve what is in place.

Sir Keir also warned the Government against invoking Article 16, saying that suspending parts of Northern Ireland’s Brexit deal will not resolve the dispute with EU.


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The Labour leader explained: “It’s all very well saying get Brexit done, we’ve got to make Brexit work.

“In order to do that, we have got to deal with some of the gaps and weaknesses in the current arrangements.”

The Labour leader said he would do “whatever I could to make it easier for British firms to trade across the world, but particularly with the EU”.

He added: “What I’m not talking about is rejoining the EU, what I’m not talking about is ripping up the current agreement and starting again – nobody wants to be in that place.”

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