Stand up to threat! Bridgen in blistering swipe at little Napoleon Emmanuel Macron

UK should 'stand up to threats from France' says Bridgen

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Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen reflected on the ongoing French and UK post-Brexit fishing row. While speaking in a DEFRA committee meeting, he argued the situation would get worse before it gets better. He also added a reason French President Emmanuel Macron and French fisherman have been giving the UK problems is that he will soon be up for reelection.

Mr Bridgen then called on the British Government to stand up to this threat and protect UK fishing waters.

Mr Bridgen said: “Would my right honourable friend agree with me that the predictably disproportionate unreasonable behaviour of the French authorities in these matters is inexcusably linked to the fact that President Macron is facing very difficult elections next year.

“Therefore, we should expect matters to get worse before they get better.

“History shows that this House and our great nation’s interests are best served by standing up to the threats of little Napolean clinging on to power.”

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Mr Eustice did admit he was more optimistic about possible resolutions going forward.

He said: “I know what my right honourable friend says but I simply say I am a bit more optimistic.

“I think in this job you always have to hope that things will get better and get better now than get worse.”

Mr Eustice also faced demands from another Tory MP who wanted the French fishermen breaking the rules to be dealt with more thoroughly. 

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Conservative MP Tim Loughton said: “My fishermen are more concerned about the infringement of French fishing boats in our waters that appear not to be following the rules.

“Can we have some assurances firstly that the right honourable minister will do everything he can to make sure the fishing boat from Shoreham is properly looked after?

“But can we have assurances that there is proper enforcement action against infringements which are happening by French fishermen and women in our waters?”

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Mr Eustice replied: “If fishermen in his constituency have some specific points about specific vessels they would like to feed into me, I would be more than happy to refer that on to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) who lead enforcement in our waters.

“It is the case we have significantly increased our enforcement capacity with additional vessels with some aerial surveillance.

“This is in order to enforce activities in our waters properly.

“If there are particular instances that Mr Loughton is aware of, I would be happy to follow up.”

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