Starmer warned speech make or break moment for Labour leadership Left is a threat

Angela Rayner is a threat to Starmer says Peter Cardwell

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Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has faced significant pressure from the Left of his party, according to TalkRadio’s political expert, Peter Cardwell. While speaking on the show, he warned that deputy leader Angela Rayner is amassing support from the Left of the party. He added this was a threat to him as party leader.

He also added Sir Keir’s speech could be make or break for the party as the Labour leader struggles to make an impression on the public.

Mr Cardwell said: “What this points to is that there is wider problem for Keir Starer, the left of his party is a threat.

“Keir Starmer is someone who has tried to modernise.

“He has done some pretty complicated movements over the weekend to try and make the party more in his image essentially.

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“He wants to make it harder for a sort of Jeremy Corbyn kind of figure to be elected leader in the longer term.”

Mr Cardwell went into greater detail of how Sir Keir’s deputy, could prove to be detrimental for what he wants to achieve.

He continued: “There is a real threat, not so much from the Andrew McDonald’s of this world but from Angela Rayner, his deputy.

“This is somebody who a lot of people on the left of the party are rallying around.

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“She is very popular and she is making no apology for calling senior Conservatives scum.

“I think that is the threat to Keir Starmer.”

Mr Cardwell also emphasised the importance of Sir Keir making an impact to voters in his upcoming speech.

“It is interesting that you talk about the leader’s speech, it really is the time for Keir Starmer.

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“It is make or break tomorrow because it is tomorrow and also probably next year that Keir has any chance to make any impression to convince people to vote for him.

“With the changing of the legislation around the holding of elections, we could well have an election in 2022 or 2023.

“Keir Starmer doesn’t have much time to make an impression something he fails to have done so far.”

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