‘Stop watering down Brexit!’ Majority do not think Boris will still be PM by end of 2022

Boris Johnson's India visa plans slammed in PMQS

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The Prime Minister has plummeted in the Conservative Home league table, with members of the Tory party giving him a satisfaction rating of -33.8, making him the least popular politician in the entire cabinet. In a poll of 2,552 Express.co.uk readers, held from January 4 to 6, a majority of 55 percent of voters predicted Boris Johnson will not be Prime Minister by the end of this year.

Voter Toby B said: “Boris is causing permanent damage to the Tory party. He should have been kicked out last year!”

Many readers felt Mr Johnson’s handling of Brexit was the main reason for his decreasing popularity.

One reader said: “He can very simply turn things around by… stopping the watering down of the Brexit we voted for.”

Another agreed: “It’s all Of Johnson’s making. Brexit is not Brexit when we are still tied to the European Court of Human Rights. He knows it, everybody knows it and he is in charge. Get rid of this failure.”

Whilst other Britons feel there is a culmination of problems Mr Johnson is mishandling.

“The betrayal of 8.5 million pensioners with the triple lock has finished the Tories.

“The matters of illegal immigration, fishing waters, and the Northern Ireland protocol ensure the Conservatives are not just beaten at the next election, but wiped out.”

Considering the recent Christmas party scandals and the Owen Paterson corruption row, the Prime Minister still retains a significant amount of support, with 45 percent of our voters predicting he will remain in office until at least 2023.

One Express.co.uk reader, Dave Norman, remarked: “Top man is Boris, great Prime Minister.

“It’s a very difficult job to do in the present times.”

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In the Conservative Home league tables, December marks the Prime Minister’s second month in the negative, having achieved a score of -17.2 in November.

In fact, Mr Johnson has not ranked in the top half of ‘most satisfactory members of the cabinet’ since May.

In comparison, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has been the most satisfactory member of the Cabinet for a staggering 13 months.

By the end of December, members of the Conservative Party gave Ms Truss a satisfaction score of 73.5, a startling 107.3 points ahead of the Prime Minister.

Would you back Ms Truss to take over from Mr Johnson? Have your say in the comments section below.

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