Sturgeon LIVE: Major speech TODAY as SNP overwhelmed with complaints – leaked report

Nicola Sturgeon set to announce '12 new bills' says host

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The leaked report, written by SNP Deputy Leader Keith Brown, reveals the SNP has been overwhelmed by the number of member complaints about harassment and impropriety since 2014. The surge of complaints comes as one in five SNP MPs have either been sacked, investigated, suspended or quit the party in the last two years. The stunning report also suggests creating a new financial scrutiny committee to “restore confidence” in the SNP’s financial governance,

It said “recent controversies concerning the party’s finances” have “inevitably raise[d] questions about the SNP’s financial governance” and stressed the need for a new system which “encourages good financial practices, [and] has the potential to pick up any irregularities”.

Mr Brown drew this conclusion after Police Scotland launched a formal investigation into SNP spending in July.

Suspicions of impropriety were raised by the disappearance of £600,000 of fundraised money which was supposed to be ring-fenced for a future Scottish independence referendum.

Ms Sturgeon will address Holyrood after the annual statement was rescheduled from last week, when the SNP’s formal power-sharing deal with the Scottish Greens was confirmed.



  • What will Sturgeon talk about in her speech?10:39
  • What will Sturgeon talk about in her speech?

    In her speech today, Nicola Sturgeon will outline the laws the SNP wants to pass along with the policies they will persue and how they will be funded.

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