Sturgeon ready to defy Scotland Act to trigger referendum Will set out lawful way

Nicola Sturgeon discusses 'lawful plans' for second referendum

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At a press conference announcing Scotland’s second referendum, Nicola Sturgeon threatened to create a legal judicial pathway to hold a second referendum without Westminster’s consent. However, according to UK law, Scotland’s Government is not allowed to hold a referendum unless requesting permission through Section 30 of the Scotland Act. Moving on with an unrecognised referendum would flout the law and would not be recognised by the British Government. Both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and former Prime Minister Theresa May have rejected Nicola Sturgeon’s referendum demands.

When asked why Boris Johnson’s Government would change its mind over indyref2 this time around, Nicola Sturgeon said: “Well, I’ve set out what’s going to change. I will set out a lawful forward without a section 30 if that is what is required.

“The other thing that I think is pertinent here is that we have a UK government – and certainly on this issue – this apply to Theresa May but on this and many other issues, this certainly applies to Boris Johnson and a UK government that does not respect democracy and does not respect the rule of law.”

Referring to the Boris Johnson’s Government’s breach of the Northern Ireland Protocol, Ms Sturgeon said: “We saw that very powerfully as recently as yesterday. And ultimately, while I think it would be better for the people of Scotland and the people of the UK if we had two governments able to sit down on that democratic basis and agree that we disagree on the substance of independence but agreed the process by which the people of Scotland will decide that, it would be far better. 

“But I do believe that the problem of having a democracy denying – UK Government and Prime Minister – ultimately is their problem.”


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