Sturgeon slammed for delaying getting normality back in schools with face mask order

Sturgeon slammed over normality 'delay' in schools by Hoy

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Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have confirmed that secondary school pupils will continue to wear face masks to protect against coronavirus after the October break. Scottish Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Mental Health and Social Care, Craig Hoy warned against this move and called for normality to be a return to schools. While speaking on GB News he said that many parents and pupils want to see an end to the use of face masks.

He also commented on the impact coronavirus and its lockdowns have had on children over the last two years.

Mr Hoy said: “Covid has undoubtfully caused a mental health crisis in Scotland.

“Let us not forget there was a mental health treatment waiting crisis in Scotland, particularly for young people, prior to covid.

“That has got immeasurably worse since the pandemic.”

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Speaking on the waiting times, Mr Hoy said: “Many are waiting more than 2 years for treatment.

“At that age, if you are 12 or 14, two years is a very significant time to be waiting for treatment.

“You are absolutely right, we need to get kids back to normal, get them back to normal in the classroom with the usual process of socialisation.

“Then we can start to tackle the mental health crisis that is undoubtfully there.”

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Mr Hoy then began attacking Nicola Sturgeon and her party for preventing this.

He said: “We want to see the Scottish Government get normality back into our classrooms.

“I think many many children and their parents want to see the same.

“For some reason, the Scottish Government seems to have caved to the Educational Insitute of Scotland (EIS) Union.

“Certainly the parents and the pupils I have spoken to want to see classrooms getting back to normality.

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“This is particularly given that so many of them have had the vaccine, 40 percent of them.

“We will be continuing to press the Scottish Government for this.

“It was deeply regrettable that they didn’t announce a lifting of the ban when schools come back after the October break.

“You are right to say that this could now run into 2022.

“That would clearly have an impact on children’s learning and possibly their mental health as well.”

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