Sunak must embark on electoral mountain climb to keep voters – poll

Exclusive polling by Omnisis shows Mr Sunak must drag the party up an electoral mountain to stand a chance of staying in power.
Four out of 10 people (41 percent) say they would vote for Labour if an election was held tomorrow. This puts Sir Keir Starmer’s party 19 points ahead of the Conservatives on 22 percent, with the Liberal Democrats far behind on seven percent and Reform UK on five percent.

The research shows Great Britain is divided on how Mr Sunak is performing as Prime Minister, with 35 percent approving and 35 percent disapproving – and 31 percent neither approving nor disapproving.

Tories are pinning their hopes on the next election boiling down to a straight choice between Mr Sunak and Sir Keir, with MPs upbeat about the country choosing to keep the Tory leader in Downing Street.

But the polling found that 41 percent believed Sir Keir would be best Prime Minister, with just 29 percent backing Mr Sunak and 30 percent undecided.

Mr Sunak has an edge over his Labour rival when it comes to foreign policy.

Thirty-four percent said they trusted Mr Sunak most to stand up to Russia, with just 29 percent naming Sir Keir.

When it came to whom they trusted most to stand up to China, 32 percent said Mr Sunak with 30 percent opting for the Labour leader; in each case, 37 percent of the public were undecided.

But on a host of domestic issues, Sir Keir out-polled the Tory leader.

Sir Keir was more trusted to fight crime (40 percent) than Mr Sunak (29 percent).

The public had greater trust in him to fix the NHS (44 percent) than Mr Sunak (23 percent).

Crucially, fewer than three in 10 people (29 percent) think the Conservatives can win the next election.

Forty-three percent think the Tories cannot win, with 28 percent unsure.

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