‘That’s the bull****’ Martin Lewis slams Eustice over ‘patronising’ advice

Martin Lewis criticises 'patronising' comments from Eustice

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Martin Lewis, a financial journalist who founded MoneySavingExpert.com, blasted the Tory minister for thinking that the poorest people in the UK, who are “choosing whether they freeze or starve”, don’t already know how to save money in supermarkets. He said that the idea that such simple advice could be the grand solution to the cost of living crisis is “bull***”. Ity comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson leapt to the defence of Mr Eustice during the last day of campaigning before the local elections on Thursday. 

Speaking to Andrew Marr on LBC, he said: “There is nothing wrong with the advice but what is wrong is the concept that the people who are on the lowest income, who are choosing whether they freeze or starve, don’t know that and don’t do that. 

“That’s the bull****, if you’ll forgive the language. It isn’t the advice; the advice is perfectly reasonable. 

“If you’re going supermarket shopping then you’re buying the most expensive brands so you need to cut back and come down a level or two. 

“But the idea that that is some panacea for the working poor and the non-working poor in this country who don’t have enough income, and that they don’t know that, well that’s where it comes across as patronising and difficult.” 

Mr Lewis was referring to comments made by the environment secretary this morning regarding how people could work around the rising inflation prices. 

He said: “Generally speaking, what people find is by going for some of the value brands rather than own-branded products – they can actually contain and manage their household budget.

“It (inflation) will undoubtedly put a pressure on household budgets and, of course, it comes on top of those high gas prices as well.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson later defended the comments, saying: “What we want to do is help people in any way that we can through the aftershocks of Covid.”

But the comments were slammed by opposition ministers, who claimed that Mr Eustice was “woefully out of touch” with working people. 

Shadow Treasury chief secretary Pat McFadden said: “This is woefully out of touch from a Government with no solution to the cost-of-living crisis facing working people.

“People are seeing their wages fall, fuel and food costs rise, and families are worried about how to make ends meet.

“It’s time for the Government to get real help to people rather than comments that simply expose how little they understand about the real struggles people are facing to pay their bills.”

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Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves added: “The response by the Conservatives to the cost-of-living crisis has been nothing short of insulting. They are out of touch and out of ideas.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent war in Ukraine, inflation has risen to its highest level in 30 years. 

Currently at seven percent, the Bank of England has warned that it could hit double figures by October. 

The hike has left thousands struggling to afford energy prices and food bills, with many forced to choose between staying warm and not going hungry. 

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