‘They can’t stand Brexit!’ EU cannot accept Britain’s jab success – ‘Find it unbearable!’

EU ‘can’t stand Brexit’ says commentator

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Political commentator John Rentoul insisted the EU can’t stand Brexit or an independent Britain succeeding. While speaking to Mike Graham on TalkRadio, Mr Rentoul argued the EU’s frustration at the UK over its successful vaccine campaign is linked to Brexit. He noted that Brexit made it easier for Britain to choose its own path.

Mr Rentoul said: “It is psychological displacement activity.

“This is because they can’t stand Brexit, they can’t stand the British having made such a success of the vaccination programme.

“They will deny it till they are blue in the face, that there is any connection between the two but there is no question about it.

“Brexit made it easier for us to go our own way on the vaccinations.

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“That fact they find absolutely unbearable, understandably so.”

Mr Rentoul added that if the UK was in Europe’s position, then Britain would be feeling the same.

He went on to criticise the EU over threats regarding the export of jabs.

He said: “If we were in their position we would absolutely hate it if the EU had put its own interests first and beaten us to it.

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“But that is just human psychology but it is starting to get serious with this threat of export bans and so on.

“All of this stuff about the EU being a rules-based organisation and now they are tearing up contracts that had been signed.

“This is just because they want the vaccine that has already been sold to us.”

The TalkRadio host agreed and questioned the true motives of the EU over their comments regarding the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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Mr Graham said: “It is almost as if people’s safety is not really the main point of all this.

“It is actually more important to make a political point.

“You just end up kind of going, that is bonkers because that is like saying because there is a factory making English wellington boots in France, they are now French wellington boots.”

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