UK fury at French MEP’s ‘disrespectful’ Brexit swipe at ‘hard-working British politicians’

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Brexit trade talks will proceed virtually with the focus on sorting out fishing quotas and ensuring fair competition for companies, which includes state aid. Face to face talks were suspended last week after a member of the EU delegation tested positive for the coronavirus and are expected to continue face to face in London later this week.

However, MEPs’ urged British politicians should refrain from using “rhetoric or vocabulary” to describe Brussels claiming it would widen relations.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday about the state of the trade deals, Nathalie Loiseau said: “I am a politician, I am neither optimistic or pessimistic.

“We will do everything we can to get a good deal, whether it is possible under this time pressure, honestly I don’t know.

“I will not tell you we are nearly there because there are still big divergences.”

Ms Loiseau said “clarity” was still needed on both sides for negotiations to be concluded.

She added: “We are offering an unprecedented partnership with the UK, but this comes with clarity and commitments, and so far they are missing.

“We are partners, we are not meant to be adversaries.

“I would like to see UK politicians refraining from using rhetoric or a vocabulary as if we were adversaries fighting against each other.

“We are struggling to build a strong partnership for our future.

“This is what we owe to our fellow citizens on both sides.”

EU officials have also stressed they were not going to be the one giving into talks, with one stressing the timing was an “ issue for both sides.”

One source said they were not “going to be the ones to pull the plug” stressing the pressure was significantly “on the UK”.

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But a Whitehall source close to the negotiations told UK politicians were respectful to the EU.

They added: “At this time we want cooperation which is what we are doing with Brussels, not comments which appear disrespectful to hard-working British politicians.

“The UK is looking to secure a deal which is in the UK interests and we will not back down until this is secured.

“A deal has to be the right deal especially on fisheries and there will be no slimming of any demands.”

Brexiteer and Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski, added: “Many across Europe are struggling with the domineering and frightening control of EU unelected Commissioners.

“Britain must now show exceptional courage, vision and leadership to reject any deal that does not respect our new Sovereignty.”

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