Under questioning by senators, SCOTUS nominee Barrett yields nothing

On her first day of questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett gave little sense of how she would rule on crucial cases if she is confirmed to the high court. In doing so, she stuck to the time-honored stance of studied reticence, which has been deployed by progressive and conservative nominees alike. 

That leaves many questions about how Barrett would rule on a number of issues, from a potentially contested presidential election to the future of the Affordable Care Act. Senate Democrats contend that Barrett, who is favored by conservative groups like the Federalist Society, will back President Trump on those and other issues, such as gun rights and corporate power.

Barrett, who in 2017 was confirmed to a federal appellate court, promised she would be guided by the U.S. Constitution and would not consider the policy outcomes of her opinions, profoundly consequential as those opinions may be. The fate of the Affordable Care Act will come before the Supreme Court on Nov. 10, in a case known as Texas v. California.

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