You should be ashamed Dale shuts down Putin apologist blaming UK and US for war

Ukraine: Iain Dale shuts down caller’s ‘ridiculous theory’

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Mr Dale erupted on air after being confronted with the arguments of a caller on the Ukraine crisis. Caller Nick from London appeared to blame the west for Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. He was shut down by Mr Dale who dismissed his theories regarding Ukraine as “stupid.”


Nick told LBC: “Britain and America are killing, have killed Ukrainians.”

Mr Dale snapped: “Stupid! Don’t be so stupid!

“I’ve heard some really ridiculous theories in my time but you’re really winning the war on that today.

“Honestly…Russia has killed 1000s of Ukrainian citizens and you have the temerity to come on the radio and say that it’s Britain and America that have done this.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.

He added: “The deep-rooted calls is Vladimir Putin’s aggressive policies and not recognising that Ukraine is a sovereign country.

“Russia guaranteed Ukraine’s borders in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, didn’t it Nick?

“I get that yes,” conceded the caller. 

 UK Security Minister Damian Hinds has branded the Russian military a “ruthless invading force” after Putin ordered troops to cross into Ukraine last week. 

Ukraine: Russian navy build up in the Black Sea

He told Sky News: “How concerned am I? We are all desperately concerned.

“This is a ruthless invading force.

“When it comes to tactics and military strategy, I’m not going to second guess Vladimir Putin and what he might be thinking, what might be in his head.

“But we do know that this is a ruthless force, an extremely dangerous (force) obviously imminently right now for Ukraine, but actually dangerous for wider Europe and the world.”


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Mr Hinds continued: “The bravery, the tenacity of Ukraine, my God, we have all been taken aback and it is so important we do everything we can to support them in what they are doing and make sure – and this is where the sanctions, we’ve got the Economic Crime Bill, transparency and enforcement coming through on Monday in Parliament.

“It is why all these things are so important, why we absolutely need to make the regime hurt.”

Russian shelling and attacks on civilian populations killed 34 civilians in Ukraine’s eastern Kharkiv region in the past 24 hours, the emergency services said on Thursday.

Separately, the governor of the Ukraine-controlled eastern Donetsk region said the port city of Mariupol, one of the first targets of the Russian invasion, was without electricity or water supplies.


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