You should be ashamed! Tory peer gets brutal dressing down in furious clash with BBC

Lord Daniel Moylan shut down by radio caller

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Conservative Lord Moylan sat down with Nicky Campbell on Radio 5 Live to discuss the recent Sue Gray report with phone-in callers. Lord Moylan tried to defend Prime Minister Boris Johnson, by claiming there had been “no breach of the rules” during the lockdown by Mr Johnson but was quickly shut down by phone in caller Steve. Caller Steve held Lord Moylan to account over his, and other Tory MPs defence of the Prime Minister, as he believes that they all should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. Caller Steve insisted that Conservative MPs who defended Boris Johnson were demeaning themselves, whilst doing so.

Lord Daniel Moylan said: “There’s no breach of the rules.”

Caller Steve said: “You’ve said enough, your worship or whatever you are, I think you’re demeaning yourself and so are your colleagues by defending a man who even people…

“Why don’t you stop speaking, you’ve had a fair go.

“Now! You and your colleagues are demeaning yourself in defending a man, who you’re Party should be ashamed of.

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Caller Steve continued: “You really are, he is sending out Minister after Minister, some of whom are thoroughly decent people.

“He is not worth it, he’s a man who doesn’t have morality, doesn’t tell the truth, we’ve seen this time and time again.

“And when you lose people like me, who might be broadly on the side of the political fence that you’re on, then you’re in serious trouble.

“And when you start damaging the rule of law by letting some people in high office get away with things that they were finding…

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Mr Caller Steve added: “I remember a guy, I live near Portsmouth, there was a guy who stopped to have a cup of coffee on top of the hill overlooking Portsmouth and he was moved on by the police.

“There were so many of these cases and much more serious ones where people didn’t go to funerals.

“I just remember that case of that 13-year-old lad who dies, and he died alone in the hospital, his parents were not allowed to see him.

“And you’ve got a Prime Minister carrying on like this, outrageous frankly, the MPs should be ashamed of themselves.”

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Mr Johnson said: “I want to say sorry. I’m sorry for the things we simply didn’t get right and the way this matter has been handled.”

Speaking after Mr Johnson apologised in the Commons, former Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her view on the ongoing scandal.

Ms May said: “The Covid regulations imposed significant restrictions on the freedoms of members of the public.

“They had a right to expect their Prime Minister to have read the rules, to understand the meaning of the rules and indeed those around him to have done so too, and to set an example in following those rules.

“What the Gray report does show is that Number 10 Downing Street was not observing the regulations they had imposed on members of the public, so either my right honourable friend had not read the rules or didn’t understand what they meant and others around him, or they didn’t think the rules applied to Number 10. Which was it?”

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