‘You won’t get away for Christmas!’ Hoyle slaps down rowdy backbenchers during tense PMQs

PMQs: Hoyle shuts down ‘shouting’ backbenchers

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Lindsay Hoyle left MPs laughing after he told the Conservative frontbench he would be “dealing with this corner” before returning back to PMQs and did not need their help laying down the law. He scolded several backbenchers for yelling during Sir Keir Starmer’s question and said he wanted everyone to get away for Christmas. But Sir Lindsay said he was struggling to hear the questions from the opposition benches and said if things did not approve then they would not be able to break for the holidays.

Speaking during the last PMQs before recess, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer attacked the Conservatives over the pandemic.

He explained the Labour Party had to step up and provide “leadership” after the Tories saw a huge 99 MP backbench rebellion against their new Covid rules.

The attack saw a lively interjection from the Conservatives who were jeering and yelling at Sir Keir.

Sir Lindsay was forced to intervene and calm things down and said: “This is silly because I can’t hear the question.

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“I want to hear the question…”

Sir Lindsay turned his attention to the Conservative frontbench who continued their jeering and attacks despite the Speaker’s involvement.

He sternly said: “I don’t think we need anymore help from this frontbench.

“I’m just dealing with this corner first before I come back.

“Can I just say I can understand it is the last PMQs and we are coming back in the new year but I do need to hear the question.

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“It may take a long time but I will hear it, so please, I want to get through questions and I want you all to get away for Christmas.

“But at this stage, you won’t.”

Sir Keir attacked Mr Johnson during the tense PMQs with the Labour leader making multiple references to the embarrassing Tory rebellion on Tuesday.

The opposition leader remarked Mr Johnson was “the worst possible Prime Minister at the worst possible time”.

He also mentioned how without Labout, the Covid certification and other measures may not have passed through the Commons earlier in the week.

Sir Keir said Mr Johnson should take some time out this Christmas and “look in the mirror and ask himself whether he has the trust and authority to lead this country”.


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Mr Johnson bit back and attacked Sir Keir after images emerged of him drinking beer with aides at a constituency office in Durham despite rules at the time banning indoor social gatherings.

The Prime Minister added: “I think most people in this country couldn’t see it as a result of what this government has done with the decisions we’ve taken the tough decisions that we’ve taken.

“To deliver the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe, another fastest booster rollout we now have Mr Speaker, the fastest growing economy in the G7.

“500,000 more jobs today than there were when the Conservative government in action.

“Mr Speaker, we deliver – they complain.”

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