Youll get the answer! Nicola Sturgeon loses it in BBC interview after interruption

Nicola Sturgeon loses it in BBC interview after interruption

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Scotlands First Minister Nicola Sturgeon snapped back at a journalist over the questioning of who will pay Scotlands pensions in the event that Scotland becomes independent from the UK. Ms Sturgeon claimed that the SNP position on state pension after gaining independence has not changed since the 2014 white papers. After a week of confusion, the First Minister also said that pensions would be part of the initial negotiations process if Scotland gained independence. Ms Sturgeon went on to discuss Scotlands financial assets and liabilities.

Mr Campbell said: “Do you want to take the opportunity to clarify the SNP’s position on the state pension if Scotland were to become an independent country, who would pay for those pensions on day one?”

Ms Sturgeon said: “I don’t need to clarify, the position is as it was set out in the 2014 white paper.

“There would be a negotiation on all sorts of things when Scotlands becomes independent about assets and liabilities.

“And that would include the historical position in terms of national insurance contributions, paid by Scots and that would all be taken account of.

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Ms Sturgeon added: “And that would influence the starting position of an independent Scotland.

“Thereafter… You might get the answer if you didn’t interrupt me, in the throws of giving the answer.

“After that of course for a Scottish Government to be responsible for the payment of pensions.

“But the historic liabilities and assets around pensions and other things will be a matter of negotiation at the point of independence.”

Steve Webb a former UK Government Minister for pensions explained last week that if Scotland chooses to disconnect from the UK, Northern Irish, English and Welsh taxpayers would not pay for a foreign independent countries pension liabilities.

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture Maurice Golden told the Express: “We are seeing a chaotic instability here with the Scottish Government’s actions.

“We know from questioning Angus Robertson in the chamber, civil servants and Government officials have been taken off Government recovery business to begin preparations for an independence referendum.

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Mr Golden added: “That’s really worrying at a time when a global pandemic is still affecting everyone and also with the backdrop of severe economic issues that the Scottish Government are embarking on preparations for a Scottish independence referendum.

“It has been clear – during a lockdown over Christmas, which Nicola Sturgeon put in place, I believe without any evidence to do so – these businesses in hospitality, tourism and nighttime economy have been severely affected.”

 “Nicola Sturgeon has only got two gears lockdown and full speed to IndyRef2.

“Hospitality chiefs have been clear they would like to see the Scottish government stop ramping up plans to split up the country and to fully focus on helping the Scottish economy recover. It really does need to recover.

“The Finance Committee received evidence from the CBI showing Scotland is lagging behind on nine of 13 economic indicators, including productivity, business investment, exports and innovation.

“At a time of economic crisis, we should be focused on recovery, not diverting attention to a deeply divisive and economically unstable process for a second independence referendum.”

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