30 dead monkeys found stuffed in bags after being ‘poisoned to death’

Horrified officials found more than 30 dead monkeys stuffed in bags after apparently being poisoned to death.

The horrific findings, which included young primates, were made in Telangana, India, on Tuesday, November 17.

A Forest Department official announced on Wednesday said the monkeys died of suspected poisoning before they were stuffed in gunny bags.

Their carcasses were found on a small hill near Shanigapuram village, he said.

The bodies were highly decomposed and a post-mortem could not be conducted, according to Hindustan Times.

A report read: “The monkeys are suspected to have been poisoned to death. As of now who has done this act is not clear.

"Whether farmers (to protect their crop) or someone else. We are inquiring,” said the official when speaking to PTI over phone.

Earlier this year heartbreaking photos show 13 deadmonkeys floating in a river in India which is believed to have been poisoned – causing "panic" in the area.

The alleged poisoning of the water source happened at a reservoir, which is part of the Katirail water supply plant managed by the Public Health Engineering Department, on the afternoon of June 7.

A spokesman for the plant said: “This has created panic among the people as water is supplied from the plant and it was done so on Sunday.

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“Forest officials have retrieved the bodies and sent those for postmortem examination.”

While the autopsy results have not yet been released, the spokesman said it is suspected that someone might have poisoned the water intentionally.

In April, the corpses of a troop of 14 macaque monkeys were discovered over two days in Pawansa village, in Sambhal district.

Local vet Dr Neeraj Gautam, who had earlier examined the monkey carcasses, suspected that the monkeys may have consumed poison.

However he noted with interest the lungs of the dead monkeys were swollen and their body temperatures showed they had high fever – symptoms which mirror the coronavirus caused respiratory infection Covid-19.

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