40 Russian soldiers killed in first Ukrainian strike using US HIMARS rockets – VID

Ukraine shows off first use of HIMARS rockets supplied by US

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The video captures images of blown-out buildings and destroyed Russian supply trucks following a successful Ukrainian strike which killed over 40 Russian soldiers. The strike was completed using US HIMARS long-range rocket systems.

The Ukrainian strike blew up a base near the city of Izyum, in the Donbas region.

Ukrainian commanders in Kyiv revealed that the strike blew up a school, which was used a Russian base in the region.

The video, which emerged on Sunday, showed the aftermath of the attack.

In the video, images of the blown-out buildings appear as well as destroyed Russian trucks painted with the Russian “Z” war symbol.

According to reports from Ukraine, the attack resulted in the death of at least 40 Russian soldiers.

Ukrainian commanders said the Russian soldiers killed in the attack were part of the 20th Army of the Russian Armed Forces’ Western Military District, unit 89425, originally based in Voronezh.

Separately, it was revealed that the same weapon system killed a Russian colonel, making him the 56th top officer to be killed during the war.

Russian media, for instance, revealed that commander of an elite VDV paratrooper regiment Andrei Vasilyev, 49, died in a strike attack in an unknown location on Friday night.

Andrei Vasilyev, who had previously been awarded the Russian Order of Courage, led the 137th Guards Airborne Regiment of the 106th Guards Airborne Division, Russian media said.

The Russian commander’s death occurred the same night the footage first emerged of Ukrainian forces launching an attack using HIMARS rockets.

It is unclear whether the attack captured on the video and the strike that killed the Russian commander are the same, but the time of Andrei Vasilyev’s death indicates that he is on elf the first Russian officials to be killed by HIMARS rockets.

The video emerged on the same day that Kyiv was hit by four Russian missiles strikes for the first time in three weeks.

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According to reports from Ukraine, the strike damaged residential buildings and resulted in the death of one man.

The Russian strike occurred at 6.22 on Sunday morning as G7 leaders were preparing for three days of meetings in Germany with a special focus on Ukraine war.

During the meeting held in Germany, the G7 countries reiterated their support to Ukraine and stressed “[the G7] will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support and stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes”.

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