A Celebration of Global Cuisines

New horizons open in “The Kitchen Without Borders,” a compilation of recipes from the immigrant and refugee chefs who worked with Eat Offbeat, a New York catering company. It was founded in 2015 by Manal and Wissam Kahi from Lebanon, and it pivoted to meal kit deliveries during the pandemic. The stories of 15 chefs fill the colorful pages of the cookbook, along with recipes from Syria, Afghanistan, Guinea, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Venezuela, Senegal and more. It’s home-cooking at its best, with eggplant dishes, salads and stews. There are inspirations, like a silken bell pepper soup from the Central African Republic, baklava richly interpreted as a cake by an Iranian chef, and Afghan chicken karahi, a quick simmer with spices and tomatoes. You may have to expand your pantry with items like berbere spices, barberries and piloncillo to prepare some of the recipes. Two percent of the price is being donated to the International Rescue Committee.

“The Kitchen Without Borders: Recipes and Stories From Refugee and Immigrant Chefs” by Eat Offbeat Chefs, (Workman, $24.95).

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