Abandoned dog found with no ears and tongue rescued after severe neglect

An abandoned dog was found with no ears and tongue while he wandered helplessly around a street having endured "severe neglect".

The emaciated dog, now named Penny, was located with "an open sore on her butt, filled with flies and larvae" in Ohio, US.

Pictures of the "neglected" pooch showed she had obviously suffered from starvation with her ribcage showing, while her mouth showed several teeth missing.

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The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project said it was devastated after realising how severe her condition was after its team rescued her and took her to get examined.

Founder of the organisation Jason Cooke said: "Her condition upon arrival was heartbreaking to say the least – she was extremely emaciated; her beautiful ears had been cut off and she had a sore on her rear.

"We also noticed that there appeared to be something wrong with her mouth that was limiting her ability to eat and drink.

"If this is your dog, then shame on you and it'll be over my dead body before she ever goes back to you…"

Veterinarians confirmed that she will "need to wear ear muffs on occasion to protect her ear canals," reports Newsweek.

They also discovered two small tumours and noticed that her top lip had been "completely torn" from the gum as a result of trauma.

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The rescue added: "Almost all of her teeth are either completely worn down or gone; her tongue is almost completely gone due to trauma, which means that she'll need to be hand-fed and given water via a syringe for the foreseeable future…she is also unable to pant, so she needs to avoid high temperatures," the rescue said.

"I don't know who had Penny, nor can I say for certain how she came to be in this condition…what I can say is that she has been severely neglected and her 'owner' needs to be held accountable…"

Officials have urged anyone with information to contact the local police department in Hubbard Township.

A reward of $1,000 (£840.81 ) is being offered if the relevant information leads to "the arrest and subsequent conviction" of the suspected owner.

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