Adult star upgraded cockroach-infested flat to 15-bed mansion with OnlyFans cash

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An OnlyFans model moved out of a "cockroach-infested apartment" into a multi-million pound, 15-bedroom mansion using money made selling racy content online.

Canadian-born Alice Irving, 24, then spent a year renovating the luxury home before selling it on for a whopping profit.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, she explained that when she first moved away from home she lived with roommates, but soon realised she needed her own place so people couldn't hear her "doing things" for work.

Initially, the apartment block she moved into was fine, if not a bit old, and it was in a handy location.

"I stayed there for a few years, it was not the nicest but I wanted to save money," she said.

"There were a lot of spiders, I was killing a spider a day which was not normal."

Other than the spiders there wasn't much drastically wrong with the apartment. That was until she tried to move out.

Alice said: "I had some visitors, to check the apartment and take on my lease. One guy arrived and he was really tall. He saw on top of my fridge that there was some dead cockroaches which I was too small to see."

He asked Alice to have the apartment tested for cockroaches, which involved professionals coming in to fume the property and trap the insects.

Alice agreed, having "nothing to hide" since there had been no issues thus far.

The model said: "When you do a cockroach test it basically attracts them, they get stuck everywhere and intoxicated by all the fumes.

"By doing that test, it attracted a lot of cockroaches and all my stuff was infested. It was terrible, there were cockroaches everywhere. I had to get rid of 99% of everything I owned."

Alice lost lots of "emotionally important" items as well as expensive things such as a piano, computer and all her clothes, costing her "thousands of dollars".

"It took me a good week to sanitise everything, the 1% left of things that I had. I cried so much," she said.

"If there was one single egg somewhere, that could’ve led to a cockroach, then another one, then another one, because they reproduce really fast."

Fortunately for Alice, her days of living in cockroach and spider-infested apartments are now behind her.

Now a multi-millionaire off the back of her adult content, she was able to buy a 16,000sqf mansion with four car garages, 15 bedrooms, five bathrooms, a pool and a home cinema.

"I feel very very very blessed," she said.

The plan was to renovate and flip the mansion, with Alice doing lots of the work herself to maximise the profit.

She explained: "I changed everything in the house; the floors, ceiling, paint, door handles, all the light features, the sinks, toilets.

"It was a million-dollar house. I made over CA$400,000 (£255,000) in just one year on the renovation, so we sold it for a few million."

Alice also added some new features as well as doing up the old ones, including extremely tall hedges in the back garden (to allow her to film raunchy content without anyone seeing) and a CA$10,000 (£6,400) chandelier which took seven hours to install.

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