Afghanistan: Ten members of one family, including several children, killed following US drone strike in Kabul, family says

Ten members of one Afghan family were killed following a US drone strike in Kabul, according to relatives.

The drone strike on Sunday was aimed at a vehicle carrying “a substantial amount of explosive material” and heading to Kabul airport, US officials said.

A military official said the strike had caused “significant secondary explosions”.

According to relatives, the strike killed five young children – a boy and a girl aged two; a five-year-old girl; a six-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl.

Two boys, 12 and 16, were also killed along with a 36-year-old man, his 20-year-old son and his nephew, 28.

A spokesman for America’s Central Command, has acknowledged reports of civilian casualties.

“We would be deeply saddened by any potential loss of innocent life,” said US Navy Captain Bill Urban.

It comes as Islamic State claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on Kabul airport on Sunday.

US officials said its anti-missile system had intercepted five of the rockets.

All American personnel are due to leave Afghanistan on Tuesday, bringing an end to the airlifts prompted by the Taliban’s rapid takeover of the country.

UK efforts to bring back Britons, as well as people who helped the UK during the 20-year campaign, ended on Friday.

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