Air Force member pleads guilty to assault, taking MDMA

A female member of the Air Force who took MDMA and assaulted another woman has been found guilty at a Court Martial in Wellington this morning.

Leading Aircraftman Nicole Leger was found guilty of assault for her conduct at a house party in Lower Hutt in June 2020.

She faced charges of consuming and offering to supply a Class B drug and one charge of assault in May last year. However, the trial was halted as the prosecution announced it would appeal a decision the judge had made to allow the use of a key piece of evidence.

This morning Leger appeared by video link to the Trentham Military Camp where she pleaded guilty to one charge of consuming a Class B substance and one charge of assault.

The prosecution withdrew the other charges at the start of this morning’s trial.

At her first trial in May last year, the prosecution alleged that Leger offered her room to a friend who wanted to have a lie down during a house party at Leger’s flat in June 2020.

However, Leger then returned to the room while the complainant was sleeping and put her face very close to the other woman’s.

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