Air raid sirens blast in South Korea as Kim Jong-un launches ballistic missile

An air raid warning blared out in South Korea after North Korea launched three ballistic missiles into the sea on Wednesday morning (November 2).

According to Seoul's military, one of the missiles landed less than 37 miles (60km) off the South’s coast.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said it issued an air raid warning for the island of Ulleung around the time of the missile launch.

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Japan's Coast Guard (JCS) said at least one of the missiles landed 26km south of the Northern Limit Line, only 57km from the South Korean city of Sokcho, on the east coast, and 167km from Ulleung.

Colin Zwirko, a senior analytic correspondent for NK News, took to Twitter to explain the details on the missile strikes.

He wrote: "Fired towards Ulleungdo, a major shift in tact and geographical direction here as North Korean missiles typically land in waters near their own coast or at least north of the inter-Korean border. (Or over Japan in space.) Unclear how close it got to the South Korean island.

"ROK military announces they will respond to North Korea's missile launched into waters off the South Korean coast."

Following US and South Korea partnering to construct Vigilant Storm, which are military air drills that consist of hundreds of warplanes from both sides staging mock attacks 24 hours a day, Pyongyang demanded both nations to stop the exercises.

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The North said such “military rashness and provocation can be no longer tolerated”.

Pyongyang had warned Washington and Seoul about the consequences of the exercises which could lead to "more powerful follow-up measures”.

Pak Jong Chon, a secretary of the ruling Workers’ Party and close companion of Kim Jong-un, released a statement on the subject called the military drills between South Korea and the US “aggressive and provocative.”


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