Airbnb host threatens to hire investigator after renters four star review

An angry Airbnb host sent creepy messages and threatened to hire a private investigator to gather information on a renter if they didn't remove their less than perfect review.

The woman, who told the Daily Star she would rather stay anonymous with her safety in mind, stayed in a property in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada recently.

The woman rated it four out of five, which brought the host's total score down from five stars to 4.95.

This rattled the home owner, called Brad, then he became threatening in private text messages sent to the woman.

The woman said she was concerned for her safety after receiving threatening messages from Brad.

She shared screenshots on her Twitter, asking Airbnb to take action.

Messages from the host said: "I have your picture, your name and your number. You have 48 hours to remove your review or I'm hiring a private investigator to obtain your address then the fun begins."

He added: "You're blocked from messaging me at this number."

The woman went to the police about the host. She said an officer from Vancouver PD was going to go the host's home and warn him to "leave her alone, or else."

Airbnb eventually removed the listing.

"This person is clearly a threat and should not be allowed to host guests," the woman said.

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The woman's review stated that she "really enjoyed" her time in the apartment. She also wrote that she would "certainly stay again" if she was back in Vancouver on a short break.

This made some respondents to her Twitter thread question why she didn't give the host five stars.

"I know this is beside the point but why’d you leave a 4 star review and not 5 I’m genuinely curious now," one person asked.

Another added: "Just out of curiosity: if you had a positive experience why did you leave 4/5 stars? Doesn't excuse his behavior obviously."

"What the f*** difference does this make when someone’s safety is literally being threatened?" reasoned a respondent to the aforementioned comment.

Airbnb have been contacted for comment.

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