AIs ‘digital brain as dangerous as nukes and should terrify you insider warns

An AI insider fears a “digital brain” could threaten to surpass humans as he issued a worrying warning.

Founder of DeepAI Kevin Baragona has said future-altering tech is growing at a rapid lick and “should terrify you”.

He explained toThe Sunthat new artificial intelligence poses threats to humanity in the immediate and long-term futures.

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Generative AI machine learning tools have been increasingly deployed to create art in the forms of images and music.

Mr Baragona has likened this to the growth of a digital brain, with the tech now even moving towards the point of being able to create ideas.

He reckons that – similarly to the gaps in knowledge we have about our brains – we may one day not be able to understand AI’s either.

He told the outlet: "If we create computers smarter than humans, then what’s left for humans?”

The growth of it is "too fast for its own good," he added.

So grave is the threat that it's on the level of some of the gravest existential threats we face, he explained adding this is the, "nuclear weapon of software".

“There is not going to be a battle between nations but a battle between AI and humanity,” he fears.

A letter was signed on Tuesday (May 30) by 350 top AI “godfathers” who wrote: “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks, such as pandemics and nuclear war."

He said that, among tech whizzes, some want to push forward with development, while others wish to be more cautious

While his DeepAI software is more gentle, aiming to “inspire and improve people’s lives bit by bit" he fears some parts of the industry should be checked, and fast.

“We should not deploy technology that is immoral, like deep fakes – they clone people’s voices and faces and there’s no good reason," he said.

"It should be illegal.

“What are we building here? Why do we need this stuff?”

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