Andrew Tates life in animal house jail where lags fight guards for pure fun

Andrew Tate has claimed that the prison he’s being held in is an “animal house” where blokes will scrap the guards just for a laugh.

Tate, who has been in prison for over 50 days as part of a sting by Romanian police, has still been managing to get his message out from the cage.

The 36-year-old was arrested alongside his brother, Tristan, in relation to the force’s probe into organised crime including human trafficking and rape. All allegations have been denied by the brothers.

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Despite having been behind bars since December 29, the former kickboxer has been reportedly sending communications via email out to his subscribers.

In his latest correspondence, Tate has moaned about the realities of life in the can.

He said: "In jail, where distractions are so limited, emotions become the entertainment of choice for most.

"Inmates enjoy feeling anger. I've seen men fight the guards for pure fun.

"Men argue in blistering anger over the pronunciation of a name.

"It is an animal house."

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This isn’t the first time Tate has moaned about life inside as in the past he's said his “only friends at night” have been lice and cockroaches.

As well as the two brothers, two women were arrested alongside them as part of the detention by Romanian anti-organised crime prosecutors.

Allegations against them include claims that they encouraged women to come to their £600,000 villa on the outskirts of the Romanian capital Bucharest after the brothers would allegedly lie saying they were in love with them.

It is also alleged that, once there, the women would shoot porn videos and perform sex acts on webcams.

Further claims from Romanian investigators also allege that they would be kept under house arrest 24/7.

It has also been claimed by prosecutors that in March last year, one of the brothers raped a woman.

The borthers deny all allegations made against them.

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